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Our Practice

In 2014, Impact Wealth was born to offer a different approach to what people have come to expect. People often find the financial services space confusing, frustrating, even misleading in some cases. Too often people are ill-informed and sold something that benefited the bank, or the advisor - not the client. 

We set out to change all of that. We wanted to offer an experience that treated our clients like friends and family - with honesty, transparency and respect. To create a unique space that would give them access to the best financial solutions and exceptional service that would exceed their expectations and build life-long relationships along the way. 

At Impact Wealth we are a design firm. Our mission is to help people create, protect and use wealth to design a better future for their family, community and the planet. To do that, we have developed our 360° Impact™ process that aligns our clients' goals and values with leading investment, insurance, and employee benefit solutions that get results. Sustainable, responsible investing is at the core of what we do; it's been that way since day one. Our strategy has proven to reduce risk, improve long­term performance and make a broader impact. 


"Thank you for understanding the unique challenges of growing a business and a young family" 

- Sarah Conley I Ticklebelly Hill

"Impact Wealth shares my values and reflects this in how they invest my money" 

- Owen Green I Adams Green

Serving as their personal CFO, or Central Family Office, we future-pace our clients, preparing them for things like retirement or business succession, or what might be around the corner like an accident, illness, or business bankruptcy. We identify gaps clients are often unaware of and offer solutions they may not know exist. 

To reinforce our commitment to financial, social, and environmental stewardship, in 2020, we began our journey to become the first certified Benefit Corporation or B Corp wealth advisor in Atlantic Canada. B Corps are driving a global movement of people who use business as a force for good. We are proud to be a leader in the Canadian B Corp movement, using wealth to design a better future . 

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