Are you on track to achieve your goal of a work-optional lifestyle, early retirement, your children’s education or starting a business?  Let’s pop the hood and take a look.

We offer a no cost, no obligation review of your investments to ensure you are on track. As an independent practice, we deliver results by ensuring your goals, risk tolerance and values are aligned with best-in-class conventional and socially responsible investments to build and protect your wealth.  

For investors seeking to make more than a strong financial return we offer leading socially responsible investment (SRI) products, also known at ethical funds.  SRIs provide investors an opportunity to combine strong financial performance with reduced environmental, social and governance [ESG] risks.  As one of the fastest growing investment categories, SRIs now represent more than 20% of all assets under management in Canada.  Top performing SRI funds are available in every asset category – providing investors with different goals an opportunity to incorporate SRI funds into their portfolio.  As a member of the Responsible Investment Association, we work directly with leading SRI providers to offer clients expert advice and relevant information.