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difference makers

Your Future Matters.

Choosing the right financial partner matters.

Building a Business With Purpose

“ At Impact Wealth, we are a design firm.  We’re on a mission to help people create, protect and use wealth to build a better future for their family, their community and the planet.” 


- Shane Borthwick

  Founder | Financial Advisor

Our People
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Our Practice

In 2014, Impact Wealth was born to offer a different approach to what people have come to expect.  People often find the financial services space confusing, frustrating, even misleading in some cases.  Too often people are ill-informed and sold something that benefited the bank, or the advisor – not the client. 

We set out to change all of that…

Our 360° Impact™ Process

Have you ever tried to put the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, without the picture on the box?  It isn’t easy. 

Your financial puzzle may seem daunting – we can help.

Our Partners

Proudly independent, we are not affiliated with any bank or brokerage firm.  We aren’t required to sell specific products or have a sales quota.  Our approach aligns your goals and values with leading conventional and sustainable investments, life and group solutions; including exclusive access to the Chambers Plan –

Canada’s #1 Employee Benefit program.

Our Impact

At Impact Wealth, we believe triple bottom line results matter – People, Planet and Profit.  We are proud to be a leader in Sustainable, Responsible Investing and using business as a force for good.

Clients We Are Best Suited For

At Impact Wealth, we recognize that we are not all things to all people.  Our client relationships are based on a very specific FIT process, allowing us to partner with those people we are most suited for.  This allows us to provide an elevated client experience and build life-long relationships along the way.

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